Design & Project Services



We question everything during the process and are always looking for better materials, methods and options. We work directly with the client in a collaborative effort to meet his needs and achieve his goals. We have a long track record in classical and traditional detailing as well as construction methods.


Interior Design

Interior design completes the project. Our entire design team collaborates with the client in defining the image and how to achieve it in through selection of colors, materials, textures, and FF&E.


Document Production

Clear construction documents are critical to ensure the design architect’s vision is translated into reality on different levels: in the bidding process to obtain clear and competitive bids; in the construction process to assure the design intent is clearly and concisely communicated and eventually for maintenance and repairs throughout the life of the structure. To achieve this level of clarity we prepare our documents with close coordination with various consultants, hold regular meetings and joint reviews and periodic quality control checks from start to completion. During the construction period, we make ourselves available to the contractor to answer any questions and address any concerns they may have. We are involved during the construction to represent the owner and to respond to any contractor RFIs, to conduct site observation visits, to monitor progress, to prepare any required change orders, to review shop drawings.